Rose Cora Perry

Musician. Media Personality. Model.

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& The Truth Untold

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For the ultimate RCP fan:


In this section you can opt in to support my career by becoming a monthly "Angel" Investor, ask for personal advice

or hire me as an Emcee!


In my books, if your curiosity was peaked enough to visit this page by its title alone, that in itself indicates to me you're clearly awesome. So thank you :)


In today's music industry, relying on merchandise sales alone is rarely enough. A lot goes into making an album and going on tour. Both involve tremendous (and that's an understatement!) personal, emotional, physical and financial expense.


While it has been well-established that traditional sources of revenue in the music industry are not yielding the returns they once did, the costs related to funding one's own artistic endeavours have either stayed the same or worse, increased!!!


And so, more than ever before, every LITTLE bit counts.


My NEW album and other merchandise items are available HERE


I thank you in advance for considering becoming one of my Angels. Peace & Love.


Anything Goes

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I've Got Advice



When she's not rocking out on stage or getting glammed up for her latest photoshoot, RCP moonlights as an advice columnist. In fact, she's done so for over a decade, much of her work has achieved worldwide syndication and she's got an Ivey league degree to back up her analyses, to boot!


Based on her successful “Psych Your Mind” and “Fork in the Road” column series, RCP will give you honest and to the point advice on a sociological or psychological dilemma you are currently facing.

Her specialities include: relationships, maturity,

self-esteem and perspective change.


Include the details of your situation in the "shipping instructions" area.


DISCLAIMER: Please seek immediate medical care

if you are experiencing symptoms of any diagnosed psychological disorder and/or suicidal thoughts. RCP's advice is purely for entertainment and insight purposes only. and not meant to take the place of therapy, medical care or medication.


May I Have Your Attention Please?



RCP is skilled on the mic - whether we're talking about her vocal stylings, interviewee abilities or quick-witted hosting banter.


Leave the announcements, giveaways, introductions and thank yous for your next soiree in her capable hands. You may even be able to twist her arm (gently) to run your live auction proceedings.


No event too small. From birthdays to festivals to private dinner parties.


Include the date, time, venue and type of event in the "shipping instructions" area.


*Special rate offered for non-for-profit events. Please email to discuss eligibility.    


LIMITED TO: events taking place in SouthWestern Ontario only. Subject to touring schedule.

ASK for Advice BOOK RCP as an Emcee

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3 months of dedicated pledges.


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* FREE RCP t-shirt

* An acoustic video performance of your favourite RCP track

* FREE Cd copies of "Unpretty" & "Straight from the Loft"

* FREE advice on a sociological or psychological dilemma you're currently facing

* A Pre-Show Meet & Greet with RCP and her band, "The Truth Untold"


Pennies from Heaven

Become an

"Angel" Investor

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* FREE digital copy of "Off Of the Pages"

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* A 20 minute Skype discussion on the topic of your choosing (keep it clean folks!)