Rose Cora Perry

Musician. Media Personality. Model.

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& The Truth Untold

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While you peruse the below memorabilia selections, I ask you kindly to consider the following:


What they say is true, the best art is born of "struggle".


But by supporting your favourite artists – the ones who have touched your lives with their passion(s) – you allow us to focus

our energies on the single most important of all struggles: the “artistic” one.


Your financial contributions allow me and my fellow independent DIY-ers to strive for more, to challenge ourselves

and others, to evolve, to push new boundaries and to break barriers.


Your financial contributions allow me personally to achieve my artistic goals of inspiring others, provoking thought

and establishing emotional connections with people of all walks of life.


Thank you for allowing me to be an artist. Knowing my music and my words resonate with you is what allows

me to keep going.


Looking for something more? Consider becoming one of my ANGELS!




Welcome to my Keepsake Storefront


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