Local Musician Goes Native


June 2nd, 2008:  He’s faced fanatic mayhem, lethargic voyage, and scheming spin doctors seeking to reveal the skeletons in his closet, and though he may have prevailed when confronted with the many stress-inducing exploits of the music biz, Jesse Tomes, lead guitarist of local hard rock band Anti-Hero, is now up against a different kind of foe. Known solely across the nation as “The Mantracker”, Tomes will be battling it out against wilderness expert and Albertan cowboy Terry Grant in a 36 hour, 40 kilometre race to the finish line, in the third episode of the new season on the hit Outdoor Life Network show of the same name. Filmed last summer along the legendary Saskatchewan/Montana border-stretch famous for its role in the final capture of Sitting Bull, music and nature lovers alike will be tuning in on Monday June 23rd at 9 pm Eastern standard time in order to see whether or not Tomes has got the moxie to live up to his native predecessors.


Armed with little more than a compass, military fatigues, and lifelong friend/semi-professional wrestler, Nathan McGuire acting as the muscle to his mind, Tomes revelled at the idea of partaking in this opportunity as it allowed him to put his dexterous survival skills to the test in what he describes as, “an exhilarating heart-pounding experience of a lifetime”.


Born to a British mother, and Blackfoot father, from early on within his formative years, Tomes embraced his duel cultural milieu taking part in both teatime, and bush-wacking. When asked whether he felt he could draw on any of the lessons he’s learned from working in the music industry in order to meet this challenge, Tomes confidently replied with a positive mantra explaining that he feels that every experience he’s ever had has helped shape him into the person he is today, and without both the good, and the bad, he wouldn’t be able to prepare for such a feat mentally, physically, and emotionally.


And a feat it certainly was. With showdown courses prepared by past champions of the world’s toughest adventure racing competition, The Eco Challenge, Tomes and McGuire’s endurance, navigation, and team-work was under non-stop pressure. With “The Mantracker” himself barrelling down on them on horseback, Tomes and McGuire needed to seriously strategize in order to make up for the apparent speed disadvantage.


Though the climax of this showdown cannot yet be revealed, its intriguing to note that this experience alone has inspired Tomes to further pursue a potential secondary career in the field of adventure racing.


Formed together with fellow Londoners Joey Macrae, a professional mountain biker and Craig Rice, a soldier in the Canadian military, Tomes will be debuting London, Ontario’s first ever adventure racing team known as The Forest City Firewalkers in the upcoming national annual competition, The Angry Seagull which takes place in Paisley, Ontario from Saturday August 9th through ‘til Sunday August 10th. The competition involves a 24 hour continuous trek of mountain biking, orienteering, canoeing, and hiking with a total course of 150 kilometres. Race sponsors for Tomes’ team include TNS Canadian Facts, Spartan Nutrition Byron, and Peter Perry Insurance Agency. On behalf of both the team, and its sponsors, racing proceeds will be donated to UNICEF.




About the Show

Described by its writers as, “a series that pits Canada’s most cunning tracker against two urban warriors in a riveting chase through extreme wilderness,” Mantracker was launched as a prime-time reality action series on The Outdoor Life Network in 2005. With the success of its first season, the original show was extended from 30 minutes per episode to full hour long airings. Produced by Bonterra Productions, the third season is promised to be more interactive for the viewer with the introduction of high definition technology, and in-depth character profiles for each competitor. For more information on Mantracker, please visit the show’s official website located at www.mantracker.ca


For more information on The Angry Seagull, please visit the race’s official website located at www.angryseagullrace.com



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