Rose Cora Perry

Musician. Media Personality. Model.

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& The Truth Untold

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High Energy Refreshing Modern Rock Duo


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Tyler’s music career began at the tender age of 15. Though he’s now lovingly referred to as “Sticks”, it was initially the gentle breeze of an acoustic guitar that drew him in. Despite his desire for melodic greatness, he quickly lost interest due to the time consuming nature of video games and other kid duties. It happens. Who can blame him really?


Some years later, he had a chance encounter which re-awakened in him a strange but powerful desire to rock. A friend of his - and fellow player - pushed Tyler to dust off the old rig and start learning some of his favourite songs. But deep down Tyler knew, the fretboard was not enough.


As a child, he mastered the infamous air drum kit 1000 and so he figured how much harder could it be to play drums in real life?


In his final year of formative schooling, Tyler came into contact with a couple of other high schoolers from another learning institute. With Tyler pounding the skins, they entered a local talent show and to their surprise, won first place! (There is proof by the way, in case anyone disputes the claim.)


While his highschool project turned out to be short-lived, over the years, Tyler has drummed to his heart’s content with many other talented and awesome people.


One highlight from his career includes a small East Coast Canadian tour. According to sources, there were many good times to be had, along with many beautiful places to be seen.


Tyler was subjected to a rigorous audition process for a coveted place in Rose Cora Perry’s live touring band, The Truth Untold. Impressed by the fact he was a fellow vegan, Tyler was immediately hired.



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Meet the other half of Rose Cora Perry's live performance band. Please send all booking inquiries to 

Tyler Randall: Drums & Moral Support