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​on Performing

“Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold are an act you NEED to see! They light up the room with their performances. The music is rocking, and their energy is amazing! Extremely engaging with the audience, they are true performers. It was a great experience to work with them.  I'd most definitely book them again!” 
~ A.Thurlow, Alive Inside Foundation


"Pretty fast and loud. Two gals with guitars and a drummer. Plenty of pop hooks and an exuberant stage personality. Good music, good performance and a lot of fun. "

~ LA Music Scene

"Dammit, Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold are a breath of fresh air! Hard-hitting neo-Lilith solid tunes. Great live show!"

~ Choose Epic Toronto

“From the moment Rose Cora Perry walked onto the grounds, there was positive energy. She is such a power house on stage. She needs no one else. She glows with courage, sings of strength, and speaks of truths. We can all take a little from her music and become the better for it.”

~ A. Meadows, Dream Acres Music Fest


“As Co-host of The Real Radio Show in Times Square NYC, we had the pleasure of having Rose Cora Perry on our show. Not only is she a talented performer, she was a great interview: intelligent, sincere, and witty, with a great sense of humor. Her stage presence is that of a true professional and she was quite the asset to our show. Can't wait to have her back. Don't be fooled by the pretty face... Rose is as 'Real' as is gets.”

~ H. Khan, The Real Radio Show, NYC


on Music

“In a musical world where message music seems to have gone by the wayside, Rose Cora Perry places politics and social issues front and centre, and makes no apologies.” 

~ R.Stang, Windsor Ontario News



"For the fortunate souls who have chosen to explore the underside world of great Canadian music it’s hard not to know of Rose Cora Perry."

~ V. Manzerolle, Soul Matters Magazine



"Rose Cora Perry is about as punk rock as one can be without attracting suspicion...A product of the D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) attitude, she admires Joan Jett and plays guitar speedily with a voice that can snarl while sounding sweet..."

~ A. Grant, Toronto Times



“Rose Cora Perry is a true artist determined to spread a message of hope and change in today's crazy world.”

~ Sean D.I.Y., Tattoo Hodge Podge



"Long lost musicians in the night see Rose Cora Perry as a guiding light. Once she stepped on stage, the world took notice."

~ J. L. King, Midwest Beat



"It's hard to imagine much of a voice coming out of someone this small, but it does. Loud, clear, eloquent and non-stop in a way that makes you think it's had some practice…And it has.”"

~ A Kenny, Soundline


on Writing

“Rose Cora Perry's insistence on going 'a step above' everyone else proves she has a bright and successful future as a writer ahead of her; and any newspaper in the country would be lucky to have someone so thorough and thoughtful on their staff.”

~ L. Saunders, Arbra Hill



“Rose Cora Perry's columns for Interrobang, "So You Wanna Be in a Rock Band?", "Call Me Old-Fashioned But..." and, most recently, "Psych Your Mind," are consistently well-written and informative. Rose is a strong, creative writer who always offers an interesting perspective.”

~ E. Faust, Editor

on Hosting & Public Speaking

“If someone is to promote this city’s young energetic business-minded youth (on London's Driven), it absolutely should be Rose Cora Perry”

~ B. Klanac, The Beat Magazine



"Rose Cora Perry is one of the best people I had the pleasure of working with. She is not only a perfectionist but she is also very likeable on set. She is always prepared and takes direction very well when shooting the show."

~ J. Vega, London's Driven Producer



“As the organizer of London's first Defeat Depression event, I was very pleased that Rose Cora Perry chose to serve as Emcee for the mental health cause. She was enthusiastic and energetic, and she clearly cared about the cause and our efforts. I would certainly recommend Rose for her emcee talents, and I hope she continues to lend her support for Defeat Depression events in the coming years!”

~ T. Devlin, London Defeat Depression Coordinator



“Rose Cora Perry was great to work with on the London Power Play for Easter Seals Ontario as our Emcee and Live Auctioneer. Not only was she very precise and professional but she added a fun quality to the event. I would happily work with Rose again and would highly recommend her for any emcee or lead opportunities.” 

~ N. Rombouts, London Power Play Coordinator



"As one of the principle organizers of London's largest community festival I was very impressed with Rose's abilities as our host and Emcee for the day. I had many compliments from the thousands of attendees about our host for the day. I have also been to VegFest and recently to the Defeat Depression fundraising walk, where Rose was the Emcee and host for the day. Was great to see her versatility and excellence at hosting and organizing. I would recommend Rose for any of these positions and am glad she was a part of Gathering on the Green."

~ G. Brown, Gathering on the Green


"Rose Cora Perry is an engaging, dynamic and effective Master of Ceremonies. Her voice, presence and ability to communicate, keep the audience engaged even throughout a long program."

~ J. De Paz, Canadian Cancer Society

on Being a Rolemodel

"Rose Cora Perry helped me find myself."

~ G. Rivenbark, The Audio Adonis


"Rose Cora Perry's words of advice will stay with me for the rest of my life."

~ M. Elik, Actra


"Like the artists who've been so impactful on her own life, Perry's goal as an entertainer has always been to act as a positive rolemodel. As the daughter of two award winning professional athletes, she takes pride in promoting the fact that she may be considered a "rockstar" but only for the rock'n'roll tunes she plays, as it's well known that she maintains a healthy substance-free lifestyle. During times in which artists are better known for their drug-induced antics than their hit singles, Perry is a rare breed indeed."


the Big Picture

“Rose Cora Perry obviously boasts a very impressive resume and is somewhat of a modern day renaissance woman!”

~ D. Carovillano, College Muscle Mag



"Apply flaming passion, non-stop drive, one badass attitude, raw creative talent and stunning good looks into a blender and you get a refreshing artist known as Rose Cora Perry."

~ J. Schifler, Efforts in Vein



"Rose Cora Perry has a style that matches her attitude and a voice that matches her beauty."

~ A. Favata, Never Too Late



“A career worth watching.”

~ O. Rosenkrantz, Fanshawe College

on "Onto the Floor"

"Rose Cora Perry has a voice that is divine and a mind above minds."

~ I. Timothy, CHRW


"Rose Cora Perry restores the rock album experience!"

~ S. Meyer, Our London


"With the skill of storytelling like fellow Canadian Alanis Morissette, paired with the emotion provoking vocals like Norah Jones, Rose may draw from influences, but she's truly one of a kind with an incredible talent."

~ Michelle, Kaotic Notes


“It's clear that Rose still has a love affair with catchy rock-based hooks and punch-in-the-gut riffs. The upcoming single titled “Away I Go” delivers a killer chorus with raw visceral power that is tied together with smart lyrics and great harmony vocals. My favourite aspect of these recordings is the overall garage sound she is striving for, giving the audience some insight to early influences like the Pixies and The Breeders.” 

~ A. Skinner, Spill Magazine

“A storyteller in the finest tradition, Rose Cora Perry is the perfect antidote for the empty calories of today's 'pop' music. I want to hear more!”

~ J. Holiff, Filmmaker My Father and the Man in Black



"Rose Cora Perry is an incredible talent. We love her music and will be following very close."

~ S. Owst, Starbeat

"From what I have seen in my 60 years in the music scene, Rose Cora Perry is destined for greatness."

~ B. Crompton, Penetanguishene Summerama Cupcake Festival

on "Other Side of the Story"

"Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold's 'Easy Prey' demonstrates a successful marriage of chugging guitars and operatic vocals. The vocals of the chorus are complex and layered, with a myriad of harmonies and countermelodies weaving seamlessly in between."

~ BuzzMusic LA

"Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold's first single, "Easy Prey" from their forthcoming debut EP is a crunching cool rock tune! So full of hooks! Sooo freakin' talented!! And the video proves that the medium is still so important and viable!"

~ Bill Welychka (Former MuchMusic VJ)

"Easy Prey is a powerful and compelling 1990’s inspired alternative rock tune that combines exceptional melodies, hauntingly beautiful harmonies with the gritty energy and crunching riffs for a potent and memorable musical experience."

~ Music Life Magazine

on "Not My Time"

"In a time of great divide, it’s nice to be able to look towards uniting forces like Rose Cora Perry. With killer hooks and riffs for days, and the credibility and talent to carry it all, Rose Cora Perry & The Truth Untold have got it all together as they embark on the next phase of their career."

~ V13

"'Not My Time' is an endlessly bombastic track with tons of high-octane energy that hits all the sweet spots of alt-rock that's crisp enough to be on the radio for sure."

~ Recording Artist Guild

"Merging elements of Alternative Rock and Hard Rock, they deliver an energetic song in "Not My Time", with good riffs, heavy and precise rhythmic part and great vocals."

~ Roadie Metal

"Impossible not to get carried away with a song as heavy and intense as “Not My Time”, and all its power, as well as an affective memory."

~ Roadie Music

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