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Performer since age four. Writer since age seven. CEO of Record Label & Publicity Firm at 15.


Rose Cora Perry is the former frontwoman of major label signed act Anti-Hero and has performed at some of the world’s most renowned music festivals including: Summer NAMM, Canadian Music Week, NorthbyNortheast, Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers Regatta, Warped Tour, and MEANYFest NYC.


Bringing audiences of over 500,000 to tears with her emotional sound and sincere performances, Rose has been crowned a well-respected industry pro and has been named one of the Top #10 talents in Canada. In line with her efforts, in 2011, she was invited to attend the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles as a honourary special guest artist.


She's performed at Budweiser Gardens, graced the covers of magazines, achieved “Top 30” radio singles, conducted numerous guest lectures, served as a Voting Committee Member for the Jack Richardson Music Awards and was elected to represent the “voice of the independent musician” in a three-month expose for Canadian Musician.


While most recognized for her contributions to the Great White North's indie rock scene, as a classically trained performer with over 20 years on stage, Perry is skilled at singing in any genre and compelling audiences of all ages - a fact that was proved when she landed a starring role as Vivienne Kensington (Elle Wood's adversary) in Simply Theatre's production of Legally Blonde and was credited as playing the character with "the right amount of feline fastidiousness and overweening self-possession."

In 2010, Perry launched her critically acclaimed debut solo album, "Off Of the Pages" and its associated non-for-profit foundation, MusicSaves, which aims to impart onto troubled youth the healing capacity of music. In association with her foundation, Perry has volunteered her time as a Guest Speaker and Editorialist for a variety of Mental Health events and publications.

Beyond her music-making, Perry has worked as a Photography Model, Graphic/Web Designer, Social Media Manager/Publicist and is the brainchild of four successful column series. In 2012, she finally got to fulfilling a longstanding shelved dream of hers: to make the transition from Print Journalism to Broadcast.


Perry hosted two popular programs on RogersTV: London's Driven, a community-produced bimonthly pilot series which featured young entrepreneurs striving to make a difference in the Forest City and Mosaic, a regularly scheduled “live-to-taped” weekly program which profiled members of London’s multi-cultural community and the organizations that serve them.


Rose continues to regularly lend her talents toward various non-for-profit and community events acting as an Emcee, including London Defeat Depression.

2016 marked the triumphant return of Perry's musical efforts with the critically acclaimed worldwide release of her sophomore solo album, "Onto the Floor". In conjunction with the album's release, Perry formed high energy powerhouse duo, The Truth Untold, featuring the exceptional talent of Tyler Randall on Drums (Blind Mag/Swerve); Perry handles Vocals, Guitar and Songwriting. GTA Bassist Jessie Taynton joins the band live on tour.


Within a mere six months of coming together as a live performance act for Rose Cora Perry's latest release, The Truth Untold conquered audiences of 25,000+ , performing at notable festivals and winning over crowds of 20-somethings and babyboomers alike.

Rose Cora Perry has three visions she hopes to achieve as an artist:
1) to inspire    
2) to provoke thought    
3) to relate

A Child is Born





Began Classical Vocal Training

First Live Performance



Wrote First Song


Founded Record Label



Awarded "Most Photogenic & Best Smile" Modelling Trophies (Sunburst Canada)



Achieved Grade 7 in Vocal Music

& Grade 2 in Theory Rudiments

First Band Performance (HER)

First Music Video Acting Role



Taught Self Guitar

Ontario ABA National Modelling Award



Released "Straight from the Loft" (HER)

Voted "Rock Babe of the Week"

(Nashville Rock)



Recorded "Feisty" (RCP)

Voted "Star of the Week" (London Idol)



Released "Unpretty" (Anti-Hero)

Ranked in Top #100 Radio Charts (Earshot)

"Reader's Choice Band" (Cover Zone Magazine)

Performed at Vans Warped Tour & Wakefest

Voted One of the "72 Hottest Babes in Canada" (UMM Magazine)



Performed at Vans Warped Tour, CMW & NXNE

Voted "Best Rock Band" (London Music Awards)

Licensed Music to MTV & Mazda

Launched "So You Wanna be in a Rock Band?"

Elected as the "Voice of the Canadian Indie Musician" (Canadian Musician Magazine)

"Hardest of the Hardkore Bands" (Radio XXX)

Top Selling Artist for Addictive Records/Fontana/Universal



Nominated for "Best Indie Rock Video" (Cravefest)

Acted as "Voting Committee Member" & Seminar Panelist (Jack Richardson Music Awards)

Graduated with Honours, CCPR

(Fanshawe College)

"Artist of the Year" (Makato)



Designated as a "Youth Mental Health Rolemodel" (MindYourMind. ca & TVDSB)

Ranked in Top #50 Most Played Artists (Songplanet)



Top #20 Selling Rock Artist: Riot Grrrl


Became Vegan



Graduated with Honours, Social Psychology (University of Western Ontario)

Released "Off Of the Pages" (RCP)

Founded MusicSaves

Guest Lectured at Metalworks Studios, Fanshawe College & Rock Camp for Girls


Performed at SCENE Music Fest, MEANYFest NYC, Pittsburgh's Three Rivers Regatta & Ribfest London


Spokesmodel for HotPicks USA's "Girls Rock"

Launched "Call Me Old-Fashioned But..."


Invited as an Honourary Guest Artist to The Grammy Awards


Nominated for "Best Composer, Best Singer/Songwriter, Best Rock Artist" (London Music Awards)


Launched "Psych Your Mind"


Became the Host for RogersTV's

"London's Driven" & "Mosaic"

Cast as a Lead Actress in Theatrical Debut

Starred in 10 Independent Films


Launched "Fork in the Road"



Released Jazz Music Video Debut

Blame it on My Youth


Committee Member, Emcee & Publicist for VegFest London. Achieved media coverage in all local press and doubled the previous year's attendance


Formed live touring band, "The Truth Untold"

Began guest speaking on how music helped her overcome depression

Performed the national anthem "O Canada" at the Ontario government's Volunteer Service Awards


Performed with "The Truth Untold" at Chatham-Kent Ribfest, London Ribfest, Taste of Kingston, Hamilton's Concession StreetFest & Toronto Vegan Food and Drink Festival


Music Video for "Away I Go" (released September 6th 2016): received 7000+ views within its first week, a cover story in Our London, is currently featured on One Avenue's iTunes music app, was awarded "Video of the Week" by FemMusic Magazine, was awarded "Best Pop Rock" Music Video by The Akademia Music Awards for its "cinematic beauty" and achieved commercial radio play in less than 24 hours of its debut!


Music Video for "Six Feet Under" (released October 18th 2016): received 10,000+ views within ONE day of being featured on, a feature on Reality TV Show Nashville Mixtape, interview coverage on CHRW's "Hardboiled" & Artist on the Rise Radio, and an A+ review on Kaotic which denoted the track as "beautiful and haunting".


Music Video for "Empty" (released November 14th 2016): received commercial radio play in less than 24 hours, features as "Video of the Week" on Maclyr Services and and a top review on Canada's Music, describing the track as "empowering" and "intense".


Radio airplay on Kong FM 93.5, Q108, 94.9 CHRW, Indiecan Radio, JMedia FM, CJIM, KMIX, JXFM, WNYR, WMBR, WCTR, KXRL, KEDG, KHSX, WLDN, WMIC, 474 TheMix, KPLX, KSPR, KPSX, KPSE, KPPX, Pulse 200,

Katy Radio, Muse Radio, KHTP, KHLV, KHTD, KHSL, KHTS, CFMU, iHeartRadio, A.V.A Live Radio, CFBX, ITNS, HotWaxRadio & Jam XR.


Released "Onto the Floor" (RCP)



Music Video for "Away I Go" awarded second place in Ontario-wide Starbeat talent competition.


Performed the national anthem "O Canada" at Budweiser Gardens for Monster Jam


Ranked in Top #30 Radio Charts (Earshot)


Music Video for "Six Feet Under" placed within Top #10 in Canada-wide Starbeat talent competition.


Named #1 London, Ontario Rock Artist (ReverbNation)


"Away I Go" named within Top #10 most streamed/downloaded singles released by an indie artist (DMDS Canada)


Featured as an internationally "buzzworthy" act (MusicDish China Network)


Nominated for "Best Rock Artist" (Toronto Independent Music Awards)


Profiled as a Featured Artist by the Songwriters Association of Canada


Awarded grants from Factor, Socan Foundation and London Arts Council

Performed with "The Truth Untold" at the Jack Richardson London Music Awards' "London Music Week", Guinness World Record Attempt by Epidemic Music Group, Peterborough LIVE Music Festival, Cambridge Kin Carnival, Nascar's Pinty Series, Stars and Thunder, Pittsburgh's Three Rivers Regatta, Riverfest Elora, Carmel Fine Arts & Music Festival.

Selected as the only Canadian act to showcase at Summer NAMM Nashville.


Support act for Smashmouth


Music Video for second single, "Six Feet Under" reached 500,000+ views


Became the First Canadian Female endorsed by Blackstar Amplification

Sophisticated Lady 


Winter NAMM/Ultimate Jam Night showcase

at the legendary Whisky a Go Go (Los Angeles)


Hand-selected by the founder to perform on the ONLY Canadian date of the final Vans Warped Tour


Profiled by award-winning music media, "California Rocker", "Unrated Magazine", "Canadian Music Trade" & "Music Video Experience"


Kicked off "Canadian Invasion" US tour with boastworthy stops at: International Pop Overthrow (Chicago), East Coast Music Conference (Virginia), Twin City Ribfest (North Carolina), Yellow Springs Street Fair (Ohio), Taste of Wisconsin (Kenosha) & Jersey Shore Festival (New Jersey).


Headlining act for "Day of 1000 Musicians" (Niagara Falls)


Headlining act for "Del-Ko-Brydge Canada Day" (Mount Brydges)


Featured performance & cameo on Spectre Sound Studio's acclaimed Youtube channel (200,000+ subscribers)


First Canadian act showcased on AOTV's "Local Sounds" (Massachusetts)


Included as a featured musician/writer in mental health paperback, "Songwriting for Wellness" opposite Jeff Buckley


Photographed by the legendary 108 Rockstars Guitars artist Lisa S. Johnson


Performed with "The Truth Untold" at

Barrie Waterfront Festival, Toronto Ribfest, Aurora Ribfest, Great Canadian Kayak Festival, Night it Up Markham, Soundtrack of the City Festival (Toronto), Belle River Sunsplash & Cambridge Ribfest.


Rose Cora Perry named among "favourite singer/songwriters" by famed media personality and former MuchMusic VJ Bill Welychka



Music Video for "Easy Prey" featured by Spill Magazine, Music Life Magazine, BuzzMusic, Ldn Reverb, ArtNoir & Real Rock'n'Roll Blog


Music Video for "Rolling in the Deep" featured by Music Video Meaning, Canadian Beats & Song-a-Day


Performed with "The Truth Untold" at Music is Art (Buffalo), PVDFest (Providence), Mesa Music Conference (Arizona), Cainerfest (Windsor), Gussapolooza (Holland Landing), Montreal Ribfest & International Pop Overthrow (NYC)


Released critically-acclaimed debut EP, "Other Side of the Story".


Music Video for "Easy Prey" nominated for Best Rock at the Canadian Independent Music Video Awards



Featured in the annual NAMM Shreddilicious Photoshoot with Jack Lue


Featured in Guitar Girl Magazine's 2020 "Women of Rock" Calendar

Featured on Songstress Hall of Fame


Music Video for "For What It's Worth" (released February 4 2020) premiered by Aesthetic Magazine and featured by Tru Rock Revival, Women in Music & Rock Music News.


Music Video for "Easy Prey" nominated for Best Alternative Video at the International Independent Music Video Awards

Music Video for "Easy Prey" featured at Global Home Music Fest

Music Video for "For What Its Worth" nominated for Best Rock at the Canadian Independent Music Video Awards


Music Video for "Not My Time" (released November 13 2022) premiered by V13 and featured in Spill Magazine, Canadian Beats, Recording Artists Guild, I'm Music Magazine, Lakeshore News, Roadie Metal, Louder Than the Music and CMV Magazine.

"Not My Time" single named the Top #2 most downloaded track released by a Canadian indie artist (PlayMPE) and achieved commercial radio play within 72 hours of its release.

Radio airplay on CJMQ, CJKP-DB, Ken's FM 89.1,  PopCanRadio, EyeonJamz, 91.9 FM KSOI, 98.7 The Shark, 99.3 The Rock, Indie 617, Front Range Radio, KFFR 83.3 FM,  Praise the Rock Radio, WERU 89.9 FM, Evolution 107.9, KPEO, Zeno Radio, Ripper Radio Live,  105.1 Mike FM, RCPFM 92.6, CFMF 103.1, RCG 91.3 FM, The Summit 91.3 FM, WRUW 91.1 FM, KGTN 106.7, WGDR 91.1 FM, WRKC 88.5, Alt 94.9, Camel City Radio, 99.1 KBUU, WXMB 101.5, CHLY 101.7, CKCU 93.1, KZAP, The Lion's Den Radio, WINR-FM, Revolution Radio, Radio Lagoa 99.4 FM, Z Radio, CKIA FM, CKGN FM, 90.9 The Light FM, Rac Man Christian Radio, DFM Radio, 101.3 FM Island Radio, CCNB Radio 103.3 FM, All Stars Radio, WSNL 106.5 FM, KPCA 103.3 FM, TLA Radio, The Antidote Radio, 105.5 Forester Radio, WHST Z Radio & 94.9 The Rock.

"Not My Time" single selected out of 1500+ submissions for a feature on Pause & Play; only Canadian act to be included.

"Not My Time" music video featured below Metallica's new single on 99.3 The Rock website.

"Not My Time" music video featured on Canadian Hot Rods and Rising Artist Blog's social media

"Not My Time" featured as the only Canadian single on Lifa Global Compilation Album.

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