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If Only the World Believed in Itself


I'm just like you

You're just like me

We all share commonalities


But still we hate

And stereotype

Yet we're all victims of this plight


Why can't we learn

To just embrace

Different styles, different tastes


It stings me hard

Within my soul

To know that you will never know


Look around

And you will see

Beauty in every possibility


There are no such things

As strong and weak

At times, We're all tough

At times, we're all meek


Take my hand

Try to understand

We won't survive

If we don't learn to be open


I've had my share

Of suffering and pain

Which taught me quickly

That I needed to change


And so I tell you

once again

Love's our saviour

in the end


You're just like me

I'm just like you

But I don't deny this

Like you do



Not to be reprinted without permission. Copyright HER Records 2007.

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